Our Teaching Methodology

At Fun Learners’ School, we pride ourselves on our quality assurance. This ranges from the recruitment, training and evaluation of our training staff to the quality maintenance and customer support for our various facilities and equipment. Over the years, we have gained credibility with regards to our high pedagogical standards and customer support. As such, Learners can be assured to gain from our trademark teaching methodology that involves:

Fun in Learning

Research has shown that when fun stops, learning stops (Willis, 2007). That’s why at our school, we constantly prepare incremental challenges and classroom games to inject fun into learning.

Dynamic Pedagogy

In order to train our Learners to be extraordinary achievers, we constantly evolve with the educational landscape. We are always ready to challenge the norms with our range of in-house strategies, alongside practices validated by education research around the world.

Morals and Ethics in the Classroom

We believe that morals and ethics are inseparable from education. In fact, we hope that all our Learners will develop into citizens that contribute to the betterment of society. Asides from their academic qualifications, our Teachers have been selected based on their integrity and values. In this respect, we hope that our lessons would be able to influence students to uphold a good moral standard as well.

Life-Long Learning

Education sets the stage for success in any endeavor. It opens doors of opportunities for our children, regardless of their social background. In a world of rising competition, a strong education system ensures that our future generations will continue to prosper and progress. Therefore, we aim to instill a passion for life-long learning amongst all of our students!